Story So Far

About My Dad – Milo Corcoran

Milo was always an encouraging figure in my life and ensured I had everything I needed to succeed, and for that, I will always be grateful. He loved the simple things in life, spending time with his family, soaking up fresh air walking on local beaches, a good cup of tea (and cake), hurling and of course football.

A funny and inspiring story which I think sums up my dad perfectly occurred in 2011 when rehabbing from the Stroke he suffered. The physio had set out some steps for dad to attempt for the first time. Read more…

2012 – 35 Marathons in 35 Days

ON MAY 27th 2012, I set off from Waterford City with the support of my family and friends to run a lap of Ireland, consisting of 35 marathons in 35 consecutive days. This meant I was running 26.2 miles every day, or 184 miles each week for five gruelling weeks. Many people thought what I was attempting was impossible, since prior to last October my furthest run was one ten-mile run and my first ever marathon was the Dublin City Marathon on October 31 2011. Read more here…

2017 – 500km Swim – 1st Attempt

In 2017 I attempted to swim the length of Ireland, from the Giant’s Causeway to Waterford. It far surpassed the anticipated difficulty, primarily due to my limited cold sea swimming experience at that time. Unfortunately, it didn’t go swimmingly, and the support boat sank just shy of the boarder, ending the attempt some 200km in. Nonetheless, it was an attempt I was proud of, feeling I gave it my best and raising €13,000 for the charities!